New Online!  The 1993 Special Edition, 67 pages of plant fun and photos from The Amateurs’ Digest

The Amateurs' Digest, Special Edition 1993
The Amateurs’ Digest, Special Edition 1993

The Special Edition of 1993 is bound in a white plastic spiral.  This is no doubt because there are too many pages to fold and staple (saddle-stitch).

I am doing way more than scanning at this point.  I am trimming and adding clean white borders; I am tossing the pages into Photohop to straighten them out.  I am Photoshopping the photos to revive them by adding brightness and contrast.

Marina would have been 85 years old on the 29th of November 2019.  Her Special Edition from 1993 is online today in her honor.  (Happy birthday, Ma!)

I’m Kathleen, Marina’s daughter, and I don’t know anything about cactus plants.  Why do I always say that?  So you won’t send me cactus questions I can’t answer, and then you’d wonder, why does that woman have a cactus site if she doesn’t know anything about cactus!  The site is for my mother.

Happy 85th Birthday, Marina!
From your daughter, Kathleen.

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